Bright night of fireworks

Bright night of fireworks

The closing bursts of fireworks light up part of the crowd gathered on Park Meadow for the closest seats to the annual display in Westerville. My Final Photo for July 4, 2015.

Clouds, rain, and fish

A fisherman navigates along the northern shore of Hoover Reservoir in a light rain on Friday before a holiday. My Final Photo for July 3, 2015.

Collecting soil samples in the hay field

Three boring crews work to complete gathering soil samples from the hay field along the edge of the Braun Farm off Cooper Road before the holiday weekend. My Final Photo for July 2, 2015.

Onions fresh from the field

Three onions fresh from the field sit on a display table at the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market. My Final Photo for July 1, 2015.

City Hall get new hydrants

Decker Construction workers cut a section of water pipe that connects to a new hydrant that replaces another hydrant being removed during renovation and expansion of the parking lot behind city hall. My Final Photo for June 30, 2015.

Wildflowers abundant in the hay fields

An abundance of wildflowers grow in the uncut hay fields at the Braun Farm as continuing rain keeps farmers from cutting the vital crop. My Final Photo for June 29, 2015.

Celebrating many years of marriage

Columbus Bishop Campbell talks with a group of people married more than 60 years following a Jubilee Mass at St. Paul Catholic church in Westerville. My Final Photo for June 28, 2015.

Mature oak in sepia

The large oak tree on the brick walkway between Java Central and the detective bureau for the Westerville police is shown in the sepia toned iPhone stitched panorama photo. My Final Photo for June 27, 2015.

Tai Chi in a flow of rain

A pair of women perform Tai Chi inn the rain as a small crowd uses umbrellas to shield themselves from the rains at Fourth Friday in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for June 26, 2015.

Powering out the power pole

Two city workers work together to remove the broken section of a utility pole from the ground at Main and Grove after it broke when struck by a car involved in an accident. My Final Photo for June 24, 2015.

South State reflections

South State Street and the large oak tree at Java Central is reflected in the roof of a car parked in front of city hall. My Final Photo for June 23, 2015.

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