Trumpeters proclaim Christmas in Uptown

An orchestra of youthful trumpeters perform on the sidewalk in front of Music & Arts in during Saturday’s Home for the Holiday celebrations in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for Dec. 10, 2016.

Soup for Shelter Selections

A mother and her children look over a selection of bowls from students at Columbus Academy as part of the Soup for Shelter fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity in Delaware County. My Final Photo for Dec. 9, 2016.

Snowflake Castle lights up Heritage Park

A woman walks towards the Everal Barn at Heritage Park during Snowflake Castle when the city park is brightly lit by Christmas lights for the holidays. My Final Photo for Dec. 8, 2016.

City Hall roof work

A crew of roofers work into the early evening darkness laying shingles on the roof of the police station in Uptown Westerville as a cold front’s clouds move across the western sky. My Final Photo for Dec. 7, 2016.

Westerville’s Christmas Star

The Westerville Christmas Star hangs brightly over the State and Main intersection in Uptown. My Final Photo for Dec. 6, 2017.

Poison Ivy greeting

A heavy cover of poison ivy vines wrap themselves around a tree at the entrance to the Braun Farm on Cleveland Ave. where the fields are fallowed except for hardy winter weeds. My Final Photo for Dec. 5, 2016.

Elf trio waits for Santa

A trio of elves with wiggling ears stand on the edge of the street in Uptown Westerville eagerly waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus in the annual Christmas Parade. My Final Photo for Dec. 4, 2016.

Reindeer roundup for photos

Dancers dressed as reindeer gather for a group photo after their performance onstage at Generations Christmas show Saturday afternoon. My Final Photo for Dec. 3, 2016.

Athletes in the corridor

Westerville Central was the center of athletic activity Friday night with basketball in the gym and Generations dancers annual Christmas show in the adjacent auditorium. My Final Photo for Dec. 2, 2016.

Winter’s still waters

A man walks his dog across the bridge spanning the narrows of the Highlands wetlands where the dark of winter signaled the nearby cypress trees to shed their leaves. My Final Photo for Nov. 30,...

Smothers Road bridge repairs

AEP Workers check the installation of plastic insulators temporarily installed on a new power pole they are installing along Smothers Road across Hoover Reservoir. My Final Photo for Nov. 29,...

Winter thistles

Dried thistle plants stand in one of the hay fields at the Braun Farm on a crisp winter day. My Final Photo for Nov. 28,...

Holy Family shopping

A family looks over rosaries and statues brought from the Holy Land for sale at Christmas at St. Paul Catholic Church. My Final Photo for Nov. 27,...

Uptown Scrooge and the audience

The Ghost of Christmas Present leads his audience to the next stop on Good Medicine Production’s “Uptown Scrooge,” a theatrical performance on the sidewalks and in stores in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for Nov. 26,...

Going home

A pair of shoppers on Black Friday walk back to their car after shopping at Kohl’s in Westerville, Ohio. My Final Photo for Nov. 25,...

So much food. So little time.

One of Stacey James Gordon’s cats surveys the possibilities before being shooed away from the kitchen while Gordon’s family enjoys their Thanksgiving dinner in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for Nov. 24,...

Winter Street tree removed

A city worker cuts a hollowed tree into sections after removing it from the berm on Winter Street in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for Nov. 23,...

Still waters at sunset

Still waters on a pond on North Spring reflect the neighborhood and a cool winter sunset. My Final Photo for Nov. 22,...

A true sign of Christmas

Christmas trees are lined up on measured rows as the Oakland Nursery Christmas tree sale lot at Glengarry Center prepares itself for opening day on Black Friday. My Final Photo for Nov. 21,...

Cold Sunday walk

A man walks across the parking lot at the base of Hoover Dam on a cold winter Sunday afternoon. My Final Photo for Nov. 20,...

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