Sidewalk leads the progress

Sidewalk leads the progress

Construction workers install forms for the new sidewalks leading into the parking lot in front of Panera on South State Street where the new intersection is expected to be finished by the end of the month. My Final Photo for Oct. 19, 2017.

Fall outdoor studies at Otterbein

An Otterbein student takes advantage of near-perfect fall weather to stretch out on the campus lawn for an afternoon study session. My Final Photo for Oct. 18, 2017.

City Hall sand toss

A bricklayer tosses sand into the new paver bricks installed at the courtyard in front of city hall. My Final Photo for Oct. 17, 2017

Fall arrives at Braun Farm

Maple leaves begin to cover the ground under the large tree at the old farmhouse on the Braun Farm in Westerville. My Final Photo for Oct. 16, 2017.

Sunday afternoon football

The Eagles football team stands in the shadow of one of their coaches as they prepare for a game at Westerville North High School Sunday afternoon. My Final Photo for Oct. 15, 2017.

Uptown Untapped brings in crowd

The crowd begins to arrive for Uptown Untapped in Uptown Westerville where streets and parking lots were closed for a beer fest in the home of the Anti-Saloon League. My Final Photo for Oct. 14, 2017.

Morning launch

A fisherman’s boat creates ripples as it settles into the water pulling away from the dock at Hoover Reservoir on a cloudy and cool September morning. My Final Photo for Oct. 13, 2017.

The Main Street photo studio

East Main Street in Uptown Westerville became a photo studio for several minutes as a bridal party in the foreground and a student in the background use the busy street as the location for their photo sessions. My Final Photo for Oct. 12, 2017.

Westerville’s newest pink street

A road crew finishes applying pink sealant to Summit Street before placing a layer of finish gravel on the street in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for Oct. 11, 2017.

Reading is sound fundamentals

A mom and her three children share a book on the sound sculpture on the front lawn of the Westerville Library. My Final Photo for Oct. 10, 2017.

High level work

A painter removes oxidation from a light support arm on a light pole before he and the crew painted it black along Cleveland Ave. My Final Photo for Oct. 9, 2017.

Chili Cookoff for the generations

Four generations of chili fans dine on the variety of chili served at the 10th Annual WCUCC Cruise-In and Chili Cook-Off that moved indoors to serve chili due to the rain. My Final Photo for Oct. 8, 2017.

Running among the maples

A runner travels under a maple tree beginning to shed its leaves despite the warmer weather than normal for early October. My Final Photo for Oct. 7, 2017.

The Mayors

Huber Ridge fifth-grader Gavin Hunt takes notes after questioning Westerville Mayor Kathy Cocuzzi about her work as mayor during his turn as mayor for the day. My Final Photo for Oct. 6, 2017.

Full moon over Braun Farm foggy field

The soybean field at the Braun Farm sits under a cover of fog illuminated by streetlights and the full moon. My Final Photo for Oct. 5, 2017.

His pumpkins of choice

A young and enthusiastic pumpkin shopper adds a third pumpkin to his selections as he and his brother pick out pumpkins from the 2,580 choices at the Troop 560 Pumpkin Patch in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for Oct. 4, 2017.

Enveloped in his work

A city worker shoulders a petunia hanging basket as he carries it to a waiting truck after removing it from a city light pole. My Final Photo for Oct. 3, 2017.

Walnuts on the farm

A collection of freshly fallen walnuts is gathered in and around a shovel on the grounds of the Braun Farm. My Final Photo for Oct. 2, 2017.

Studying Westerville log cabin history

A mother and child explore the Knox-Metzker Log Cabin at McVay Elementary School during the Ned Mosher Apple Butter Festival that celebrates a much earlier Westerville lifestyle, living in a restored log cabin. My Final Photo for Oct. 1, 2017.

Personal portrait among the crowds

A couple smile as they wait for the self-timer on their camera to make a portrait at Inniswood Metro Gardens with some of the crowd of Westerville Central students posing for photos in their homecoming best dresses and coats. My Final Photo for Sept. 30, 2017.

Paddleboarding friends

Enjoying a laugh at the end of their paddle board foray across the waters of Hoover Reservoir, two young girls return to their car. My Final Photo for Sept. 29, 2017.

Family coaching

A mom/coach and her two daughters take batting practice on the fields at Walnut Park under a clear blue sky where a half-moon shines. My Final Photo for Sept. 28, 2017.

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