Longest day of the year deserves wine

A woman tastes one of the wines in the flight she ordered at Good Vibes winery in Uptown Westerville on the first day of summer. My Final Photo for June 21, 2017.

A little light dancing

A Generations Performing Arts Center dancer makes hanging from a light pole look simple and inviting during a class’s afternoon photo shoot at Alum Creek in Westerville. My Final Photo for June 20, 2017.

Smothers Road Bridge closer to completion

Workers sweep debris and dust from the roadway on the east side of the Smothers Road bridge in anticipation of soon laying asphalt on the approaches to the new bridge. My Final Photo for June 19, 2017.

Fathers Day burger and fries

A Father’s Day meal of hamburger, fries, and ginger ale sits on a table at Northstar Cafe in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for June 18, 2017.

Taking careful aim

A young archer gets an adult assist as he does his best to pop balloons at target center during the KidsLinked Children’s Festival at Westerville North High School. My Final Photo for June 17, 2-17.

On the sidewalk Uptown

Families and friends settled into chairs, onto benches, and walked along the sidewalk in Uptown Westerville Friday evening enjoying the taste of frozen custard from nearby Whit’s. My Final Photo for June 16, 2017.

A little help from a friend

A young skater gets an assist from a friend with a bike as they travel home late in the afternoon Thursday in Westerville, Ohio. My Final Photo for June 15, 2017.

Flag Retirement Ceremonies

Boy Scouts salute before starting the lowering of US flags into a fire pit during flag retirement ceremonies on Flag Day at First Responders Park in Westerville. My Final Photo for June 14, 2017.

The guitarists

A youngster on an electric guitar and a salesman on an acoustic guitar play at the same time while the young player’s mother decides how best to handle an upcoming birthday gift purchase. My Final Photo for June 13, 2017.

Bridge work

Workers use ropes to retrieve concrete forms from a barge docked below the Smothers Road bridge deck as work nears completion to replace the aged structure. My Final Photo for June 12, 2017.

State Street gets painted

Contractors paint directional signals and lane markers on State Street with plans to complete striping the complete State and Schrock intersection construction site overnight. My Final Photo for June 11, 2017.

A skater attempts a jump over a sidewalk planter on East College where a tree once grew before being felled in a car crash. My Final Photo for June 10, 2017.

Full moon work night

The full moon rises behind a crew laying asphalt on East Schrock Rd. as upgrades on the intersection near completion. My Final Photo for June 9, 2017.

Uptown Car Show

A more modern Ford Mustang drives past a historic Chevrolet Corvette parked in Uptown Westerville on a warm late spring day. My Final Photo for June 8, 2017.

First in the door

Felicia Andes celebrates as she enters IKEA as the first customer in its 44th US store after waiting in line for two days. My Final Photo for June 7, 2017.

Working under nearly clear sky

A utility linesman works to remove power lines from an old pole for an adjacent replacement on Dempsey Road. My Final Photo for June 6, 2017.

First in line for IKEA

Felicia Andes smiles as she tells how she was able to arrive early enough to be first in line for the grand opening of IKEA in two days. My Final Photo for June 5, 2017.

Weekend storm

Heavy rain storms move into Westerville from the west to finish out a warm weekend. My Final Photo for June 4, 2017.

Habitat wall discussions

Two volunteers talk while waiting for other helpers to move a Habitat for Humanity building wall into a truck after it was built Saturday for transport to Delaware. My Final Photo for June 3, 2017.

Home from a day of work

Grandson Cole stands in the foyer from the garage covered in dirt, oil, grease, and paint residue after a day of work. My Final Photo for June 2, 2017.

Almost ready for soybean planting

A pair of tractors are required to till the Braun Farm field to clear away a years worth of weeds and prepare it for soybeans planting. My Final Photo for June 1, 2017.

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