Liftoff for Emergency Helicopter

Liftoff for Emergency Helicopter

The Mt. Carmel Survival Flight helicopter lifts off from the St. Ann's Hospital helipad after a public relations visit to the complex on Cleveland Avenue. My Final Photo for July 19,...

In Their Field Of Play

Four deer stand on the edge of a field of fresh cut hay watching tractor and farmer before continuing their way across the Braun Farm property near Cleveland Ave. and Cooper Road. My Final Photo for June 28,...

Root Crops At The Market

A selection of carrots lay on a table at the Wednesday Uptown Westerville Farmers Market. My Final Photo for June 27,...

Uptown Parking Paving Project Continues

A paving crew begins laying the first layer of asphalt on the parking lot that spans from West College to West Main behind the State Street businesses. My Final Photo for June 26,...

Another Day Of Training

Westerville firefighters train using a new rescue boat deployed in the waters below the Alum Creek low-head dam. My Final Photo for June 25,...

Sunday In The Park

A couple walks hand-in-hand along a trail through Sharon Woods Park on a breezy Sunday afternoon. My Final Photo for June 24,...

Pancake and Sausage Favorites

Pancakes and sausage was the morning fare for the Honor Flight pancake breakfast fundraiser at the American Legion Hall. My Final Photo for June 23,...

Keeping The Rain Away

Dancers using rainbow-colored umbrellas begin an evening of dance in the street at June's Fourth Friday celebration in Uptown Westerville. My Final Photo for June 22,...

Huber Village Blvd Nearly Complete

A worker blows away debris and dumps water on fresh striping applied to the new asphalt on Huber Village Blvd. and Allview as resurfacing and curb repairs nears completion. My Final Photo for June 21,...

Dinner In The Rain

A white egret dines on a goldfish pulled from the waters of the Highlands wetlands during a late afternoon rain storm. My Final Photo for June 20,...

The Greener Grass

Landscapers handle 45-pound rounds of turfgrass being laid on the approaches along Library Road after paving. My Final Photo for June 19, 2018....

Late Planting Season Tilling

Farmer Tom runs a 12-bladed disc through the main field at the Braun Farm in preparation for planting soybeans a little later than normal. My Final Photo for June 18,...

Schrock Lake Canoeists

A park ranger helps canoeists navigate their way to the landing at the lake at Sharon Woods Metro Park where Schrock Lake was open for boaters Sunday afternoon. My Final Photo for June 17,...

A Moment Honoring the Bishops

Father Joshua Wagner leads a group of worshipers in prayer beside the gravesite for one of the bishops of the Diocese of Columbus during a Seven Chuch Tour stop at the church in St. Joseph Cemetery south of Columbus. My Final Photo for June 16,...

“The American Issue” and the Sculptor

Matthew Gray Palmer describes the process he used to design "The American Issue" sculpture after its unveiling in the courtyard at City Hall. My Final Photo for June 15,...

Retiring The Colors

A woman wearing a shirt resembling a flag carries a tattered flag to a fire pit during Flag Day ceremonies at First Responders Park where old flags were retired by fire. My Final Photo for June 14,...

American Issue Installation Precheck

Artist Mathew Gray Palmer inspects a section of the mount where his sculpture "The American Issue" will be installed in the courtyard in front of city hall. My Final Photo for June 13,...

American Issue Issue

Parks and Recreation workers add connectors to the pipes that will be used to feed the fountain at the top of "The American Issue" sculpture set to be installed in the city hall courtyard Wednesday. My Final Photo for June 12,...

When Farm Field Becomes Prairie

Stands of Daisy Fleabane begin to cover large sections of the Braun Farm fields where farmers have yet to till and plant a summer crop. My Final Photo for June 11,...

Fishing Under The Big Walnut Bridge

A pair of fishermen tries their luck fishing Big Walnut Creek beneath the bridge spanning what used to be a railroad overpass in Galena. My Final Photo for June 10,...

A Westival Festival View

The Alum Creek Amphitheater is reflected in a musician’s instrument as he performs during Westival at the park Saturday afternoon. My Final Photo for June 9, 2019.

Dancing The Night Away

Line dancers step through their latest routine at the quarterly line dancing night at the community center. My Final Photo for June 8,...

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